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Dr Rozana Huq, RHM Leadership
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Leadership Learning and Employee Empowerment

By Dr Rozana Huq, Director, RHM Leadership 

Dr Rozana Huq is a Founder, Author, Organisational Behaviourist and Leadership Educator.

Her Mission – is to Empower Leaders and Entrepreneurs to reach their potential & thrive with teams.  It’s The Human Side of Leadership. 

  • Keynote Speaking
  • Educational Seminars
  • Leadership Masterclass
  • 1:1 Coaching 




Podcast Episode 1

Leadership Learning and Employee Empowerment. 


In her podcast, in Episode 1, Leadership Learning and Employee Empowerment, Dr Rozana Huq talks about the importance of leadership and employee empowerment and highlights that leaders need to understand and gain knowledge of both these concepts, empowerment and disempowerment, something that is rarely highlighted or brought to our attention. 

During her research, Dr Huq interviewed over 235 people, and her interviews were built around leadership and empowerment. In her podcasts, she shares how she captured the richness of human experiences, as they told their stories.

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