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Youth Employability 8

We're looking for industry partners and passionate individuals to help influence and inspire our young people on the career pathways to enter the new green economy. We’re looking to partner with people from a broad range of backgrounds to demonstrate to young people that all sectors of Scotland’s economy are needed to come together to support Scotland’s ambitious climate goals. 

It is a crucial time for young people looking to get into employment after the detrimental impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on their job prospects. Equally, we need to be promoting the green jobs of the future that the young people want and the planet needs.

We need Climate Heroes like you to work with both educators and young people to influence the curriculum and help young people develop the skills required for the future world of work.

You will be a major influencer for DYW as part of the Young Person’s Guarantee, which asks employers to commit to supporting young people to enter the workforce.

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