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Chamber Values

As a team, we think big and live by our values. Working together to get things done for our members and the people of Glasgow.




 We help each other.

We work together through a shared passion
and purpose to create positive
change in our 

We listen and learn to achieve
success and build an
open and resilient team.


 We live by our values.

Our actions are guided by honesty, demonstrating strength
as a trusted voice in 
our decisions and intentions.

We create a culture where every individual is empowered
contribute in a respected and open way.


 We get things done.

We make a difference by embracing change and adapting
to the evolving 
needs of our city and members
so they 
can thrive and champion Glasgow.


 We think big.

Through pioneering innovation, we harness the power of our
city insights to drive success and 
facilitate growth. 

We create a dynamic environment where our team and
members are supported, nurtured, 
and inspired to achieve
their goals locally, 
nationally, and globally.


 Our people make Glasgow Chamber.

We know that people make Glasgow, and we are proud
to be part of the heartbeat of the city, 
striving to build
a stronger, fairer, resilient 

We celebrate uniqueness and diversity, in which
every individual's potential is 

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