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22 Mar 2024

In Celebration of Neurodiversity Week

By Evelyn M Walker, Walker Gordon Associates Ltd Anyone from any background should get the opportunity to learn, study and work in roles th…

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05 Mar 2024

Could B Corp Benefit your Business?

As part of B Corp month, we have invited Mehalah Beckett Co-Chair of Scotland B Corp Local & B Corp Consultant to share with us on how t…

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05 Mar 2024

R&D Tax Relief Procedures: HMRC's Latest Notification Requirement

By Derek Gemmell, Head of Innovations Tax, AAB  In today's fast-paced business landscape, where staying ahead often means innovating and ad…

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28 Feb 2024

Leadership Learning and Employee Empowerment

By Dr Rozana Huq, Director, RHM Leadership  Dr Rozana Huq is a Founder, Author, Organisational Behaviourist and Leadership Educator. Her M…

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21 Feb 2024

How can Scottish hospitality businesses prepare for the Tipping Act 2023

By Matthew Hutton, Accounting Senior Manager, Armstrong Watson LLP Hospitality businesses in Scotland need to prepare for new rules that ar…

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16 Feb 2024

Estate rationalisation, is colocation a solution?

By Phil Muir & Chris Carr, Space Solutions If the public sector is looking to make better use of their estates, are rationalisation and…

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