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Climate Chamber City:
to connect global businesses
to trade responsibly
with impact to create a
sustainable future for all.


With the world’s eyes on Glasgow as COP26 host in 2021, the city had an opportunity to put Scotland and the UK’s net zero ambitions on the world stage with international business decision makers. During the summit, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce helped to position the city as an innovative and creative city working towards tackling the climate emergency and working in partnership with the Scottish Government to do so. 


Following COP26 and with Scotland’s world leading status in tackling the climate crisis, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce has created the Climate Chamber City. 


What is the Climate Chamber City



The City is a global online community of leading sustainable and circular businesses which seeks to promote trade, innovation and build unity between international companies seeking global expansion. 


It is a community led platform
that will enable businesses to
connect together,
learn together and
trade together. 



Businesses will have the opportunity to identify new revenues, whilst collaborating together on new markets, product ideas, cost-savings and prepare for likely changes in governmental regulations. 


The Climate Chamber City Platform is hosted on One Earth. Businesses will be able to share best practice and access sustainable and circular economy based content aiming to support them in both their own international ambitions and race to carbon neutrality.  


“In the modern interconnected and interdependent world, nations that export and trade internationally do better across all economic indicators. Evidence indicates that there is a strong correlation between exporting and innovation. We also know that businesses and economies operating across a range of markets will tend to be more resilient and less vulnerable to economic shocks.”


Scotland: a trading nation, Scottish Government

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