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Connecting global businesses to trade responsibly with impact to create a sustainable future for all

During COP26, Glasgow had the opportunity to put Scotland and the UK’s net zero ambitions on the world stage. As a legacy project of the Climate Chamber Mission, the largest trade mission ever hosted by a British Chamber of Commerce, we created Climate Chamber City.



What is Climate Chamber City?

The city is a global online community of leading sustainable and circular businesses which seek to promote trade, innovation and build unity between international companies seeking global expansion.

It is a community led platform, developed in partnership with One Earth, that will enable businesses to connect together, learn together and trade together.

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The Climate Chamber City officially launched in September 2022, offering all businesses a chance to join on and offline events and activities all centred around trade, innovation and sustainability. 

The onboarding process is quick and easy. Sign up via the QR code using the code CLIMATECITY or click on the button below.

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About One Earth

One Earth is an online global eco-system connecting businesses for growth and trade. They help build brands, grow communities and impact industries.

Their intention is to inspire the next generation of business leaders, employees, change makers and world leaders to shift the world into a new era. 

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